Dee Dee Watters
Activist. Community Leader. Speaker.

Short Bio

Dee Dee Watters a Transgender entrepreneur, leader, teacher, keynote speaker, director and performer. Using her skills and talent to not only entertain the community but to also educate community. Featured on TLC’s My 600 pound life, listed in various magazines like the Huffington Post and the Ambassador! She's been awarded numerous awards and has made history within the black trans community. Dee Dee is the CEO of Take My Calls Virtual Assistant Services and COO of the Kreative Marketing firm Koncept Kit! She is the founder of T.W.C.U.C. (Transgender Women of Color United for Change), Chair of BTWI (Black Trans Woman Inc.) and Executive Director of the Transgender National Alliance (TNA). Dee Dee sits on a host of other boards that are in line with her vision of building community, trans inclusion and equal rights for ALL!